Go Plant Fleet Services

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Your first step towards a rewarding career with
Go Plant Fleet Services

Our People Set the Standard

A great customer experience is front and centre of everything we do, we are trailblazing service delivery in our sector. Whichever team you join in Go Plant Fleet Services, there are opportunities to develop and grow with us. 

Our Beliefs


Together Matters


Safety First

We believe nothing is more important than our reputation and acting with the highest levels of trust is fundamental to who we are.

Together we get things done. We share our skills, knowledge, experience and learn from each other.

To WOW you must do something that’s above and beyond expected, that has an emotional impact on the receiver. We expect our exceptional people to deliver WOW through service.

We care about our people. Workplace safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Current Vacancies

HGV Sweeper Drivers

Join our team of HGV Road Sweeper Drivers in delivering a great customer experience operating out of our 11 nationwide depots.


Join our team of highly skilled specialist HGV fitters in one of nationwide workshops.


Join our award winning apprenticeship scheme.

Other Vacancies

If you’re looking for your next role in Health & Safety, IT, Finance, Fleet Management, Commercial Hire, HR or Administration, please check here regularly for our latest vacancies.

Our Vision

To be the UK market leading ‘go to’ specialist fleet provider for a safe, reliable and professional service.

Our Purpose

Every day we take pride in our work, we trust in our colleagues, and together we deliver a safe, compliant, reliable, ‘wow’ service for our customers and communities.

Hear from some of our great people about working for Go Plant Fleet Services

Ali Brimson

Marketing and Business Development Manager

The culture and beliefs within our organisation make our company what it is. You’re encouraged to grow, develop and most of all you’re trusted to be the best you can be and develop our business. After joining on an initial 6 month contract I’m now a permanent member of the team here and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! If you can talk to your friends and be proud that they recognise the brand then we’re doing something right. The management team are all friendly and approachable. You feel valued and appreciated, it’s a great company to be part of.

Emma Hopes

Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Compliance Manager

I started with Go Plant in June 2019 and instantly felt like part of the team. At induction, the four core values were communicated to me and from then onwards I could see them in everything Go Plant did. I have been lucky to see many of my colleagues advance in their retrospective roles within the business and have even been given the opportunity myself recently to become the Head of HSEQ which has always been a career aspiration of mine. It is a secure feeling to know you are part of a company who invests in internal advancement before consideration is given to outside recruitment.

Kyle Wakeham

Regional Manager

In 2017 I took the decision to leave a secure position within a company and seek an opportunity with an alternative employer where, if I proved myself may be able to offer me career progression. This is when I came across Go Plant Ltd. I applied for the role as a road sweeper operative and was lucky enough to be accepted for the position. During my interview I expressed to my line manager that I would be interested in any career progression opportunities that may become available. I am pleased to say that he took note of this conversation and remembered the comments I put forward. In Feb 2018 all my hard work paid off and my line manager contacted me to say there was an opening for a position as a hire controller and he would like me to take the position. I received great support and quickly became a key member of the Southwest team. 6 months later I became the Depot Manager- I took the biggest step in my working career and was successful! Go plant have supported me throughout all these changes. And I can now proudly say I have progressed to Regional Manager – all within 4 years. I don’t think I could have learnt and progressed so much in such a short space of time with many other companies and I am very grateful for everything Go plant and my colleagues have done in encouraging me to succeed.

Mark Membury

Class 2 Driver Operator

Sometimes in life a little change goes a long way. I’ve recently transferred from North Devon to Southampton and it was definitely a good move Go Plant have been very good to me through some hard times with the support of my Area Manager Kyle and both depots office staff I’ve felt valued. I’ve worked out of 3 different depots now and each and everyone of them go above and beyond for our customers. So if you need a reliable sweeper company give us a call.