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Back to Black Beam Sweepers

Back to Black Beam Sweepers

Go Plant Fleet Services’s Back to Black sweepers are the ultimate deep cleaning machine designed and built for both emergency and non-emergency spill response. Whether dealing with oil spills, chemical spills or other liquids and hazardous materials, our beam sweepers will bring whatever surface Back to Black!

With high-pressure water systems and high spec configuration able to remove oil on roads, ingrained staining and debris from any hard surface, our beam sweepers specialise in reconditioning surfaces such as airport runways, roads and race tracks to a near new condition. These high specification vehicles also trim, plough, and sweep away any overgrown vegetation on roads and highways in one single pass – leaving the roads as clear as the day they were laid.

From our experience we know rapid response and prompt action are key to containing emergency oil and chemical spills. Available 24 hours a day, our highly trained professional operation teams are equipped with the latest technology for spill control and emergency spill response procedures. Our national network of rapid response depots ensures that we can mobilise at a moments notice making us the number one emergency spill response company.

For oil spill response, control and planning, emergency or not get in touch with Go Plant Fleet Services today!

High Pressure System

Front mounted jetting system with a 3600 pneumatic pivot and fan jets
Nearside and offside spray bars with fan jets, enabling close kerb work during street cleansing
Full-width suction box with a full pressure spray bar, and rotating jets for an even deeper clean on all types of hard surfaces
High-pressure equipment providing approximately 300 bar / 400psi, including a hose reel attachment for hard to reach or difficult areas