Go Plant Fleet Services

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The UK’s leading provider of operated road sweepers and self-drive specialist vehicles, Go Plant Fleet Services, has just taken delivery of a new MAN TGM Sweeper.

The first MAN sweeper to join the 500 strong Go Plant Services sweeper fleet, a TGM 18.250 with full factory specification sweeper chassis, is already in service operating from Go Plant Ltd Barnsley, West Yorkshire, depot as part of the Operated Hire fleet.

With more than 40 years industry experience and expertise, Go Plant Fleet Services operate from a nationwide network of depots and service centres. Working in partnership with local authorities and private sector markets across the UK, their large fleet of specialised self-drive and operated hire vehicles are maintained to the highest of standards, boast high specification and offer customers an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Go Plant Fleet Services latest sweeper, a Johnston 652, is based on a full MAN factory specification 3275mm long wheel base TGM 4×2 BB, 18 tonne sweeper chassis with air suspension. Built specifically to meet the demands of the sweeper market the new TGM is powered by the robust, efficient and lightweight D08 250hp Euro6d engine which drives through the MAN 12 speed Tipmatic fully automatic gearbox.

Ben Gilmore, Director Road Sweeping Operations, Go Plant Fleet Services , said: “MAN Truck & Bus have certainly impressed us with their desire to offer us a trusted partnering relationship and their professional method of specifying, building and supplying a specialised vehicle has  appreciated..

“From the initial meetings, through to taking delivery of the vehicle and ultimately entering the vehicle into our Sweeper fleet, MAN aligned with our company belief of ‘together matters’ which involves going the extra mile and teamwork.”

The vehicle uses the narrow 2240mm wide C cab. The C cab affords the driver excellent vision, an ultra-low step and wide-opening door entry and a comfortable and modern working environment.  Ben concludes: “Feedback so far from our drivers is extremely positive”.

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