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East Midlands Airport, 21/11/23

In an exciting collaboration with East Midlands Airport, Go Plant, the UK’s biggest supplier of operated and self-drive hire equipment, proudly announces its pivotal role in assisting with the seamless execution of the airport’s annual runway re-laying project. Over two weekends, our dedicated team deployed a fleet of nine cutting-edge machines to expertly sweep and clean the runway, elevating the overall efficiency and safety of this vital operation.

Mark Membury, Hire Manager at the East Midlands Depot, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Overseeing this substantial project at East Midlands Airport has been a rewarding experience. We strategically deployed top-notch machines to meticulously maintain the runway, ensuring it meets the highest standards. It’s a significant achievement for us.”

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Our Top Priority

At the core of Go Plant’s involvement in the East Midlands Airport project is an unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. Our specialised machines, operated by our highly skilled professionals, ensured that the runway sweeping process adhered to the stringent safety regulations governing airport operations.

“Emphasising safety is paramount in our operations. At Go Plant, we hold safety in high regard. Ensuring the airport’s safety standards is integral to our mission,” said Mark.

Specialists in Action: Tailoring Solutions for Success

Go Plant’s prowess in waste management and hire solutions came to the forefront as our fleet of machines efficiently swept and cleaned the runway. Our specialists, under Mark Membury’s guidance, executed the task with precision, showcasing our proficiency in managing critical projects.

Mark expressed his satisfaction, “Indeed we possess the skills to adapt to the unique demands of each project. This endeavor is not merely a job; it’s an opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and facilitate our clients’ success.”

Circular Economy Commitment: Sustaining Excellence

Our involvement in the East Midlands Airport project seamlessly aligns with our commitment to the circular economy. By efficiently managing waste and contributing to the upkeep of vital infrastructure, Go Plant exemplifies its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“As a company deeply committed to the principles of the circular economy, this project is a harmonious blend of enhancing airport operations while contributing positively to the environment. It resonates with our core values,” remarked Mark.

In Conclusion: Elevating Operational Excellence Together

Go Plant’s triumphant collaboration with East Midlands Airport in the recent runway re-laying project is a testament to our status as a reliable, safe, and compliant partner. With a fleet of specialised machines and a fantastic team led by professionals like Mark Membury, we continue to be the go-to choice for hire solutions, waste management, and expertise across diverse sectors. Committed to the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility, Go Plant stands proud as a trusted advisor and specialist, driving success in the UK’s operational landscape.

Our Specialist Sweepers Operatives:

A huge thanks go out to all our fantastic operators (you know who you are!) led by Team Leader Brett Rogers who also took these top-notch pictures.