Go Plant Fleet Services

Revolutionary Cleaning Solutions in High Demand

Breaking the mould this Black Friday, Go Plant, the UK’s foremost supplier of operated and self-drive hire equipment, introduces its exclusive “Back to Black Friday” campaign, featuring the game changing ‘Back to Black Beam Sweepers‘. Boasting over four decades of expertise, Go Plant stands as a trusted advisor and specialist in waste management, unwavering in its commitment to safety and compliance.

High Demand:

The ‘Back to Black Beam Sweepers’ are experiencing an unprecedented demand in the market. The exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability of these sweepers have made them a sought-after solution for a wide range of applications, driving their popularity across various sectors.

Recently we spoke to Mark Membury, Hire Manager at our East Midlands Depot who noted, “The response has been phenomenal. Customers are recognising the cleaning power of these sweepers, making them one of the top choices for all sorts of jobs”.

Deep Cleaning Capability:

Armed with high-pressure water systems and cutting-edge configurations, the beam sweepers effortlessly eliminate dirt, stains, and debris from any hard surface. The powerful cleaning capabilities extend beyond traditional spill responses, making them the ideal choice for transforming surfaces to a near-new condition.

Surface Transformation:

Specialising in rejuvenating surfaces such as airport runways, roads, and racetracks, the beam sweepers redefine the cleaning landscape. They not only remove oil on roads but also tackle ingrained staining, leaving surfaces looking and feeling as good as new.

Versatility Redefined:

These high-spec vehicles trim, plough, and sweep away overgrown vegetation on roads and highways in a single pass. The result? Pristine surfaces that look as good as the day they were laid, reflecting the dedication to excellence that Go Plant embodies.

Act now to secure your Beam Sweeper:

Reflecting on the overwhelming response, Membury urges, “We encourage our customers to get in touch and secure their beam sweeper as soon as possible. These machines are in high demand, and we want to ensure you have the opportunity to benefit from the cutting-edge cleaning technology offered by our team.”

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